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Latest Development
- WinSPC
Software Partner

Manufacturing Software Solution

SPC Implementation

We package all necessary knowledge in fundamental statistical technique and IT know how to assist our customers in implementing a practical, useful SPC system within a shortest possible cycle time. This will enable our customer to concentrate on their core business responsibility and get on to use the system installed by us to further enhance their process performance and production efficiency.

  • Winner of "Most Intuitive Software Design Price" USA President's Ward.
  • WinSPC had all the type of SPC charts and analysis required by the quality professional.
  • Plant Monitor let you have the plant-wide real-time status of SPC conditions.
  • Comprehensive standard and customized report satisfied all kind of specialized report.
  • Real-time OCAP Procedure Trigger close the SPC Loop
  • Key Benefits

  • Real-time process quality monitoring, control and feedback
  • Comprehensive quality data analysis for process/product improvement
  • Automated accurate machine equipment/inspection equipment quality data collection
  • Capabilities
    Integration to a variety of measuring instrument(e.g. CMM, Smart Scopes), automated data collection machine/lab equipment
    SECS/GEM Integration to Royce, Dage Testers

    +603 7804 9014 / +603 7806 4134 (Malaysia)
    +603 7803 9013