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Latest Development
- iVMS
Software Partner

Manufacturing Software Solution

Visual Management System (iVMS)

iDimension VMS system is a server based software solution that computes OEE to help in improving the performance of people, processes and equipment with three various components: Availability, Performance, and Quality.

It is possible to communicate to multiple platforms of equipments in the production floor. Hence, by achieving real-time transparent collaborative manufacturing environment, our customer will able to better equip themselves to compete with lower cost, higher operational efficiency, production management decision-making, better cycle time to archive better product quality.

System Capabilities:

  • Web-enabled
    • Web UI
    • Web Monitoring
    • Web Reporting
  • Automated Equipment Availability Data Collection.
  • Connect directly to equipment′s Tower Light without any software integration in the equipment.
  • Real time and Remote Monitoring.
  • Provide OEE report and Indicators.
  • Key Benefits:

  • Real time production monitoring, control and feedback.
  • Calculate equipments′ OEE by measuring the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
  • Email & SMS Alert Trigger for downtime monitoring.
  • Historical data of equipment performance.
  • Scheduling next PM.
  • Speed up/Increase productivity.
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    +603 7803 9013