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Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software. PLM is the platform for turning more ideas into successful products because only PLM can provide the application depth and breadth needed to digitally author, validate and manage the detailed product and process data necessary to support continuous innovation.

Siemens PLM Software is the only PLM company that can provide the combined advantages of:

  • Open. Siemens PLM Software’s software platform is built on open standards to allow for integration between our software applications, as well as with legacy data and systems.
  • Scalable. Siemens PLM Software’s solutions are scalable in performance from 10 users to 10,000, and in capability from a single application to an integrated suite.
  • Flexible. Siemens PLM Software is able to support the speed and complexity of change in products and processes, and we can deploy either out-of-the-box or to specifications.
  • Proven. Nearly six million users with more than 56,000 customers around the world deploy Siemens PLM Software’s applications every day.
  • Product That We Carry

    Test Expert (formerly known as Fabmaster)– NPI solutions for electronics

    Test engineering solutions for PCB Assembly: accelerated test and inspection
    Test Expert is a fully integrated solution that allows electronics manufacturers to go from design to test and inspection in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days. With its fast, user-programmable, nail/probe selection routine and complementary interactive tools, Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design and flying probe selection. Test Expert eases access on dense boards with a global probe offset tool. A nail advisor evaluates fixture cost. Automatic calibration box generation and interactive definition accelerate calibration box placement for optical inspection applications. Test Expert reduces cycle times on variants of the same board by managing attributes such as device types, values and tolerances as well as package and pad sizes/shapes. Test Expert automatically generates recipes for more than 75 ICT, flying probe testers, x-ray and AOI machines.


    • CAD/BOM recovery up to 60X faster
    • Test fixture design and setup 20X faster
    • Design for test (DFT) allows up front debugging of marginal design errors resulting in better process quality
    • Test accessibility reports in minutes from job import
    • Re-use of test methodologies for project variants reduces time and costs associated with fixture design and equipment programming
    • Program mixed test and inspection equipment and technologies on a single platform
    • High flexibility in selecting probe strategies allows results in more economical test fixtures


    • Import of native CAD from 65 different platforms including nets and traces
    • Program generation for 75 different ATE platforms including the leading ICT, AOI, Flying Probe and x-ray machines
    • Fully automated design for test offering design and engineering teams up front accessibility reports on test coverage limitations
    • Automated fixture design including user-definable rules for probe and nail selection including panelized boards
    • Library editor for modifying attributes for individual electrical devices, physical outlines and parts allowing better accuracy on global probe offsets
    • Interactive viewer to cross reference schematic-to-board layout

    Siemens PLM

    UniCam Fx – NPI solutions for electronics

    Automated programming and document generation for PCB assembly
    Whether you are a veteran UniCam user, or are seeking a solid PCB assembly solution for machine programming and document generation, UniCam Fx is an ideal solution that addresses fundamental new product introduction (NPI) requirements. Longtime UniCam users will enjoy a significant upgrade. UniCam Fx is a 32-bit version which offers flexibility in file management including support of long file names and can be installed on Windows 2000, 2003 and XP. Additional features include enhanced user friendliness with better navigation via a configurable quick user menu, standardized library editing for faster job processing and additional interfaces for both CAD import and machine output.

    New users will enjoy the benefits of the most commonly used NPI tool for PCB Assembly in an updated interface.With a ten year track record and more than 1,000 global users, UniCam Fx is a proven solution for your PCB Assembly programming and documentation needs.


    • Fast and accurate CAD/BOM recovery including part shapes and net traces
    • Process assignment across the PCB assembly line in minutes rather than hours
    • Machine programs generated in minutes including support of mixed lines
    • Full sets of documentation including hand insert instructions are automatically generated within user defined templates


    • Native CAD imported from 65 different platforms including nets and traces
    • Automated assignment between different processes across the PCB assembly line
    • Machine program generation for 100 different platforms including the most commonly used SMT,THT and dispenser equipment
    • Automated generation of manufacturing documents and hand insert instructions within user configurable templates
    • 2D viewing capabilities for board a circuit query including first article inspection and electronic publishing of documents and work instructions

    UniCam Fx - NPI solutions for electronics

    Teamcenter Express
    Teamcenter® Express software is an easy-to-use, preconfigured and easy-to-deploy collaborative product development management (cPDM) solution designed to meet the requirements of mid-sized manufacturing companies. Teamcenter Express is an entry point into the powerful Teamcenter platform, Siemens PLM Software’s comprehensive portfolio of proven digital lifecycle management solutions.

    Teamcenter Express helps companies transform  their process of innovation by applying preconfigured best practices to everyday engineering tasks and processes.

    Teamcenter Express can improve both your responsiveness to customers and your design release and
    engineering change cycle times, enabling you to manufacture better designed products faster.

    The robust capabilities of Teamcenter Express provide the functionality that your engineering teams need to maximize the efficiency of product development and its supporting engineering processes. These capabilities enable you to deliver new and more innovative products faster than your competition and participate in supply chains, while minimizing your costs and improving the productivity of your organization

    Teamcenter Express core capabilities

    Complete search and retrieval Enables users to quickly locate component, part and product information that appears in both graphic and textual formats.

    Managed check-in/check-out Protects the integrity of your engineering product information by “locking out” work in progress.

    Revision/version control Manages information changes in your dynamic environment.

    Friendly part/assembly configuration management Enables you to build and configure hierarchical product structures that are “intuitively”controlled.

    Multi-CAD support Enables data from multiple CAD systems to be integrated into a single product structure that can be viewed and managed as a complete assembly.

    Comprehensive product documentation management Manages documents, specifications and other non graphic assets related to a defined product structure.

    Industry best-practice workflow processes Manages work in progress by leveraging best-practice industry workflows for design release and engineering change.

    Embedded visualization Enables users to dynamically view 2D and 3D virtual products and documents, including design data created in multiple CAD systems.
    Easy view and markup Provides users with multiple ways to access product information during the review processes, including supporting the world’s premier solution for visual collaboration.

    Advanced security Protects your mission-critical product information by applying best-practice access control.

    Multi-site capability Enables you to establish engineering and manufacturing teams and perform knowledge sharing in a distributed multi-site environment.

    Teamcenter Express

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