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Latest Development
- iRMS
Software Partner

Manufacturing Software Solution

Recipe Management System (iRMS)

The ever increasing demand on in semiconductor industries, Semiconductor giant always face the same common problems which are:

  • Misprocessing due to wrong recipe used
  • Delay or cancellation of new process control enhancements due to the cost and delay are too high
  • Troubleshooting uncertainty in misprocessing
  • Our iRMS is an effective way of managing recipe span across the production floor with different equipment type. iRMS centralizes recipes into manageable entities.

  • Management of golden recipe
  • Management of recipe content
  • Management of recipe distribution
  • Management of recipe approval
  • Features

  • Recipe Upload
  • Recipe Download
  • Recipe Content Checking
  • Recipe Versioning
  • Recipe Checksum Checking
  • Recipe Editor
  • Recipe Approval
  • Error and Mismatch Reporting
  • Critical Level Control
  • Support format and unformatted recipe
  • Key Benefits

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Engineers can focus more on enhancement rather than spending most of the time troubleshooting process mismatch
  • Less equipment interaction
  • Reduced Cost
  • Lower misprocess
  • Faster troubleshooting speed, lower down time
  • Minimized material waste
  • Better asset utilization
  • Additional sales capacity due to improve cycle time
  • Resource and Cost Saving
  • Reduce human dependency on troubleshooting
  • Reduce cost and resource
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