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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

According to MESA International, a "Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a dynamic information system that drives execution of manufacturing operations and by using current and accurate data, MES guides, triggers and reports on plant activities as event occur. The MES set of functions manages production operations from point of order release into manufacturing to point of product delivery into finished goods. MES provides mission critical information about production activities to others across the organization and supply chain via bi-directional communication." In a nutshell, MES is defined as the layer that integrates business systems with the plants control systems and is commonly referred as integration from the "shop floor to the top floor".

Idimension has more than ten years of experience in implementing MES for various industries ranging from high-tech semi conductor, electronic to F&B, glove manufacturing and precision die-casting and we have implemented MES solutions for customers from various continents of the world such as China, Philippine, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Netherlands.  

We work closely with various MES software principle in various MES implementation. We are expert in tailor made vertical solutions based on the most suitable MES software platform from our principles for different kind of industries and customers. 

As a layer of integration between the business and plant control system, MES enable the following aspects in a real-time or near real-time manner:-

  • Work Order Tracking - provide the user with accurate information about the work order current operation or process in the plant floor and the current work order status as well as the total queued time and processing time information.

  • Work Order Genealogy Tracking - provide a complete set of history information related to the work orders, such as when the work order is being manufactured, which production line was use, what raw materials was consumed by the work ordered and on which machines the work ordered was proceed and at each operation / process, who was operator in charged.

  • Process Specification Control - with a set of flexible configurations, the MES can help to ensure the correct product is being produced using the correct routing / process setup based on the customer or production specification. And on each operation, the correct materials were consumed as well as the right machines were used for the production.

  • Production Yield Control - each product versus operation yield could be setup in the system for automatic yield monitoring and control. As and when the yield drop below the pre-set limit, the system is able to automatically hold the work order for engineering inspection. This helps the manufacturers to reduce in waste production.

  • Proactive Shop Floor Monitoring - preconfigured alarm in the system help the manufacturing to monitor and their plant in a proactive ways. Instead of waiting for the

  • Production Performance Indicator - which all the production data related data and event captured in a real-time or almost real-time manner, MES system is able to provide set of insightful production key performance indicators to the manufactures to monitor the total production quality, the asset utilization, plant productivity and efficiency. By just looking at this set of indicator, the manufacturer is able to identify if the plants’ operation are healthy. In a nut shell, MES helps manufacturer to achieve the dream of ‘fly by wire’.

We cannot improve things that we cannot measure, by integrating the shop floor to the top floors, it brings the following value proposition to the manufacturer:-

  • Eliminate or minimize waste and process variability - MES gathered critical production data from the shop floor, by turning this data into a set of useful analyzable information, MES could help manufacture to identify which are the top most occurred defects and with what combination of products and machines that these defects occurred in shop floor over a period time. With this precious information, process improvement could be planned and carried out to improve the process.

  • Improve on-time deliveries and customer services - the real-time or near real-time work order tracking capability of MES enable the manufacturers to quickly seek, locate and acquired information on particular customer work orders that have been released into the shop floor. With the ability of aging work order tracking, MES is able to identify or alert the shop floor person in charged as and when a work order has been left unattended for a pre-set duration.  A properly implemented MES reporting mechanism will enable manufactures to answer the customers’ request regarding work orders’ status in a promptly manner and further improve their customer satisfaction.

  • Manufacturing Standard Compliances - globalization in economy forces manufacturers to fulfill world manufacturing standard such as RoHS, HACCP, FDA and etc. as the qualifier to export to certain countries in the world. In order to fulfill the customer’s quality policies, manufacturers definitely need a MES system in the shop floor to govern the entire manufacturing process to ensure the right product is being produced using the right raw materials in the right production routing.

  • Enabling Total Productive Maintenance - MES provide rich information about the plant wide activities, this include the equipment utilization and operator involvement in the shop floor areas. MES could integrate with the existing Asset Management System (AMS) to facilitate the control of Machine Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule as well as to capture the machine utilization and trigger the AMS to generate maintenance work orders.

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