Manufacturing Execution System

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Production Visibility

MES is built to suite the rapid changing production environment. Its user friendly drag and drop routing configuration allows changing of product routing even if the route is currently in used. Product can be configured to run on multiple routes. With the ability to perform activities on lots with or without equipment. MES provides the flexibility of handling different kind of operations in the shop floor. The split and merge functions allow unlimited splitting / merging of lots to provide a more efficient work flow on high demand products and better utilization of equipments.

With MES, each of the shop floor activities such as receive, issue or inventory, WIP status, and shop floor operations can be routed and monitored throughout the entire production process.

Work In Progress

Monitor the work in progress at each of the defined steps throughout the production cycle.

Status and movement of multiple products on multiple production lines could be monitored at the same time at any production stage.

Engineering Data Collection

With MES, production engineering data or other production related data can be captured at any defined steps for traceability, quality and performance analysis. Upper and lower limits can be set in each item and to hold a lot when the value collected exceeded the boundaries defined. Data items are configurable and could be modified even if the data collection schema has been defined.

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