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In-field Execution System

Plantation Management at your fingertips!

What is IFES

IFES is a Plantation Management Software developed with 30 years in-field plantation management experiences. With the vast experience, it has been designed with the industry best practices and knowledge to helps estate to manage their daily operation. Since developed in year 2005, it has been implemented in more than 52 estates and further fine-tuned over 6 years. With combination both industry best practices and state of art Information Technology, IFES is now available for the plantation company throughout the region. The estates who implemented IFES has experienced significant improvement in operation efficiency & cost reduction and we believe this will work for your company too!


Abundant Experience

  • Developed with 30 years of Palm Oil Plantation Management Experience
  • Implemented in 52 estates in East & West Malaysia
  • Ready with management & auditor toolbox to provide data & reports to analyze for business improvement

Near Paperless Operation

  • Utilizing handheld scanner & wireless Bluetooth printer
  • Reduce manual work and cut cost
  • Eliminate transcription error – preserve data integrity

Conforms to MAPAINUPW

  • Payroll is calculated according to MAPA/NUPW collective agreement
  • Changes can be easily adapt even for non-IT users
  • Data can be easily integrated with Corporate Payroll System

Guaranteed Return on Investment

  • Improve efficiency & cut down unnecessary expenditures
  • Resulting in higher FFB yield and OER

Software Features

Efficient Data Collection

  • Robust Handheld Scanner
  • Wireless Bluetooth Printer
  • Bar-coded Job Codes, Employee ID, etc..
  • Job Output – Quality & Quantity
  • FFB Quality Information: ripe, under ripe, black, rotten, long stalk, pest damaged
  • Attendance, raining days, etc…
  • Bunch Counting Verification, & Internal Audit

Estate Management System

  • Systematic & Standardized Management
  • Complete Estate Master
  • Standardized Job Plan & Job Codes
  • Periodic & Schedule Job
    • Integrated Weed Control
    • Scheduled Fertilization Plan
    • Pest and diseases Control
    • Harvest Plan – Every 10 – 15 days clone dependent
    • Periodic Pruning and Canopy Management
    • Vehicle Control


  • Job Details & Quality of Work Record
  • MAPA Compliant
  • FFB Harvesting Report
  • Field Work Report

Human Resource Module

  • Employee Detailed Information
  • Foreign Worker Passport and Permit Renewal
  • Worker Public Holiday and WDR (Week Day of Rest)
  • Worker Training, Skill Set Improvement & Certification

Management Toolbox

  • System Guided Management
    • Manager Toolbox
    • Auditor Toolbox
  • Focus on KPI and Problem areas
  • Knowledge Retention & Succession Planning
  • Monitoring, Alert & Notification

Statistical & Yield Analysis Module

  • Harvester Performance Table
  • Worker Skill set and certification
  • FFB Yield Trend – Monthly
  • Yield Variance: Tree Age, Fertilization, Labor, Weather, etc..
  • Before and After Analysis
  • Field History Report
  • Others…
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