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Estate Operations

I-Plantation Operational Systems Overview

The Estate modules are:

Accounting/Petty Cash

Accounting module is the most important module; this module keeps track of the day-to-day transactions and provides final accounts and the monthly reporting. This module consolidates entries and charges from various other modules to produce the final accounts. The typical reports that can be produced from this module are such as General Charges, General Ledger and other GO’s standard accounting reports. The module will cater for current accounting practice using the modules features at the estates and the data entry will be done at the estates while a file similar to the current system will be output from our system. This file is then uploaded manually at the HQ for final accounts processing.

Checkroll (Field/General Worker & Harvester & Piece Rated)

This module calculates the wages based on the Malaysia standards and standards set by SALCRA Plantations

  • Captures job and output data with details of estate, Div and Blocks
  • Maintain Deduction tables and workers rates
  • Maintain Statutory deductions table
  • Crop collections reporting and wages generation
  • Gangs wise calculations
  • Mandore wages calculations
  • Automatic crop collections and wages distribution into Accounts

Store Management

This module helps track the receipt and consumptions of the inventory items. This includes the issues for the vehicle, Phase & Blocks.

  • Provides information on the stock level
  • Vehicle and workshop issues are captured and cost is posted to the vehicle module
  • Optional sanctioning facility is available for all the transactions
  • Stock valuation and calculation of average price based on the purchases or month-end average calculations
  • Tracking of issues to fields and staff
  • Automatically posting of issues to the Accounts module

Vehicle Management

This module captures running cost and distributes the cost based on the usage to the fields and activities.

  • Captures daily running hours and cost from various modules such as the store module and accounts module
  • Capture of vehicle usage by fields & Activities
  • Effective utilization and workload distribution
  • Maintenance planning and distribution of cost
  • Posting of running cost and expenditure distribution to the Accounting modules

Estate Weigh Bridge

This module captures weighbridge information and linked to the incoming and outgoing crop from the Estate. The module keeps track of contractors and transporters. Weighbridge will be integrated to the iplantation printer and barcode scanner

Optionally, The weighbridge module will be integrated to IP CCTV camera for capturing of the vehicles loading and unloading at the MILL. These images will be embedded to the weighbridge ticket information for verification if necessary.

Estate Budget

This module takes care of budgeting by activity for Labor, Material, Vehicle and including FFB, Kernel and Palm products. This module also includes allow users to upload the following:-

  • Provision for Capital & Admin budgeting
  • Provide budget versus actual reporting to monitor expenditure
  • Provision for budget finalization to be updated

Master Settings

This module holds the global setting of the system. All calculation parameters and statutory tables are incorporated in this module. The estate details and security information is defined in this module.

Factory/MILL Management

This module captures all the factory/mill activities and charges from the crop manufacturing to the supply of the end product

  • Tracking of crop arrival at the weighbridge
  • Captures labor utilization
  • Captures the machinery expenditure and usage information
  • Generates the operation cost of FFB and Kernel production

Weigh Bridge

This module captures weighbridge information and linked to the incoming and outgoing crop & oil from the MILL. The module keeps track of contractors and linked to the Accounts payable module to track payments and sales.


Production Module is used by Mill to calculate and keep track of the FFB received, balance of FFB for each day, CPO produced/delivered/adjustment; CPO balance for each day, PK produced /delivered/adjustment, PK balance for each day.

  • Production module need to be integrated with weighbridge closely.
  • This is very useful for the mill to capture and see the performance for the internal Estates while for outsider (suppliers/customers) useful for tracking the accurate weight for the crop.
  • Based on the report, manager or HQ can see the performance of the mill.
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