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Equipment Integration/Automation

We provide equipment integration services in integrating your process equipment, semi-conductor equipment, PCBA machine, QA Measuring equipment (gages, CMM, load testers, etc.) to enable shop floor data to be capture accurately in real-time. The vertical integration truly realized the vision of "boardroom to shop floor" Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) concept.

Due to different industrial needs, Equipment Integration can be divided into 3 categories:

A. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). Use in Automotive, chemical and mining process industries. The main objective is to integrate with equipment control systems, PLC, DCS, to collect data directly, monitor and in some cases closed-loop feedback control.

B. Semiconductor Equipment Automation (EA). Use in semiconductor FAB and Backend Assembly and Tests to integrate production equipment via SECS/GEMS protocol to certified equipment setup, recipe for correct production order execution as well as collect production/equipment/quality data.

C. Production Machine/Measuring Equipment & Instrument Integration. Use mainly in electronic components, assembly operation, house-hold appliances, precision machining/injection molding industries. Mainly to integrate with production equipment such as SMT, automatic production machines, quality measuring equipment (Laborator testers, CMM, Smart Scope, etc) for direct data collection.

Measuring Equipment/Instrument Integration

Manufacturers of precision engineering metal component, automotive industries, mills, and many other electronic components and assembly industries make use of CMM, smart scope and other measurement gauges to measure and collect SPC data, for ensuring their production product accordance to their customer standard. iDimension customizes set of data collection module, to achieve the direct machine integration, flexible SPC data collection to part dimension, automated SPC data collection system and online production line monitoring and alarm trigger.The diagram below show the schematic view of a integrated system in the Precision Stamping factory to collect data automatically from electronic gauges, CMM, and Smart Scope.

Key Benefits

Experienced in semi-conductor equipment integration enable valuable learned lessons to be passed on to our client and become integral part of our solution.

Accumulated library of know how in process engineering, production methodology, management philosophy enable us to provide a practical and feasible IT solution aiming at solving the real issues at hand in the manufacturing operation.

One-Stop, vertical and horizontal implementation services eliminate bottle neck and mismatch communication between systems and vendors.


SECS/GEM Equipment Integration connects your equipment to your MES.
E. g Die Attach, Wire Bonder, Mold, Tester, Finishing, PCBA equipment
PCBA SMT assembly equipment.
E.g. Chip Shooters, IC Mounter, Reflow Oven, etc..
Integration to serial-com equipment, measuring instrument (CMM, Optical Comparator, Tensile Tester), assembly machine, etc., to capture process, product measurement data.

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