Manufacturing Execution System

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Managing Maintenance with fingertips!

What is CMMS?

CMMS is a web-based system, which the key functionality is to maintain a computer database of informationabout an organization’s maintenance operations.

CMMS has become the key needs among factories / buildings maintenance management terms in daily activities, designed to store information and complete data each activity, system or equipment maintenance such as planned and unplanned maintenance; work orders, schedule of activities, maintenance history , parts’ suppliers etc…

Having CMMS, is a mean to achieving world class maintenance, by offering a platform for decision analysis and thereby acting as a guide to management. CMMS eliminates paperwork, thus enabling staff to become more productive.

Improve Efficiency through Innovation

Maintenance has been traditionally performed using paper based-processes or a variety of software tools that are not connected, thus hinder the flaw of information from one group to another. This usually results in cost and schedule overruns or expensive mistakes.

With iDimension’s CMMS, this enables sharing of maintenance information and business processes with all the members of your maintenance teams or contractors. Team members can get up-to-date information 24 hours a day from any location.

iDimension’s CMMS is completely web based system, where clients and employees can submit and requests online. Maintenance teams and contractors can view their assigned work orders online and update their status as they get the work done. Every team player in the maintenance and work order process can easily view the status of their plans and work orders in a Web browser. No longer is
information scattered around in spreadsheets, emails and paper files.

With CMMS, it streamlines all the maintenance requests, work orders, preventive / corrective maintenance, maintenance capital planning, comprehensive online reporting.

Capabilities of CMMS

  • Work Order Generation, prioritization and tracking by equipment / asset
  • Historical Tracking of all work orders generated which become sortable by date, equipment, PIC etc.
  • Tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Storing of all technical documentation or procedures by assets / equipment
  • Real time reports on ongoing work activity
  • Calendar or runtime based preventive maintenance work order generation
  • Complete spare parts and materials inventory control with automated reorder capability
  • Mobile interface to streamline all maintenance tasks
  • Seamless integrations with subsystems like, ERP, CRM etc.

Software Features

Asset Management

  • Registering various kinds of assets information, vendor, warranty, dimension etc..
  • Providing current status of all kinds of equipment / tools / assets (operation / non operation)
  • Facilitate Asset Utilization & Movement Tracking
  • Easy to Use Dashboard Home & Status Driven Navigation View and Reports

Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Work Order Assignment
  • Alert Notification with Escalation Support (multiple level)
  • Maintenance Check List
  • Work Order Browser & Status Tracking

Corrective Maintenance

  • Online Issue reporting, work order acknowledgement / rejection
  • Work Order tracking with workflow ready in system

Inventory Management

  • Spare Part registration, receiving & issuing, Quantity & Location
  • Spare Part request / Low Stock / Cold Stock Tracking, Alert Notification
  • Inventory Reporting, Stock Count, Spare Part History

Electronic Approval

  • Online Approval for Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Spare Part Request, Asset Transfer


  • Technicians can use mobile devices to view and manage all the CMMS tasks and information


  • Master file integration such as stock master, vendor master and general ledger with the ERP system
  • Maintenance issues can be logged inside CRM system to generate Work Order automatically in
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