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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems

Manufacturing has been undergoing a significant change over the last decade. The change could be characterized by a large and more diverse product mix with smaller batch size and shorter lead times. To compete effectively, excellent customer services must be delivered while keeping the price low. Therefore, manufacturer need to carefully control and utilize the manufacturing resources effectively, improve the delivery performance, and reduce setup and production time losses.

The main objective of Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS), is to take over the tedious manual-scheduling task, it is an automatic planning and scheduling system that can be used to generate the daily production schedule. It will:

  • Provide realistic commitment to customer forecast
  • Meet production demand requirements based on the planner’s input parameters
  • Synchronize WIP with demand to lower inventories
  • Identify and eliminate idle labor and bottlenecks
  • Achieve various stated objectives such as maximization of line utilization, minimization of in-process WIP, etc.
  • Create consistent line load schedules
  • Available to promise / capable to promise

It will give the scheduler a tool to test the options

iDimension provide iPASS for APS solutions. iPASS is focused on Semiconductor FAB and Backend Scheduling needs.

Brief Introduction to IPASS

iPASS consists of the following four main modules : –

  • Capacity and Resource Planning (CRP), a mid- to long-term production resources analytical planning tool that will generate resources usage profiles of manufacturers’ forecast orders;
  • Lots Issuance Plan (LIP), which helps production control planners in releasing the right mix of products into the production line, on a daily or shift basis after considering the daily expected output, work-in-progress level, bottleneck capacities, critical material status, etc.;
  • Workcenter Lots Sequencing (WLS), which generates detailed sequencing of lots with the exact start and end times for all workcenters; and
  • Dynamic Operation Scheduling (DOS), which allows for resequencing of lots at individual workcenters or operations level.

Among these four modules, the CP and DLR are designed for planning purpose and the DPS and DOS are for detailed scheduling.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize resource utilization while attaining target cycle time
  • Reduce schedule changes, decrease in overheads & overtime charges
  • Reduce the inventory levels of raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods
  • Eliminate the tedious planning process and reduce the planning time from days to minutes
  • Improve delivery performance and customer satisfaction
  • Increase planner productivity
  • React quickly and effectively to unexpected changes
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