Enabling Industrial 4.0 Our solutions enable you to manage you factory in real-time. Improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve quality. Integrated Manufacturing Operations Solutions Our solutions enable you to maximize resource utilization while attaining target cycle time Precision Farming Our solutions increase your return on investment as you boost productivity and create new ways to control expenses, helping to drive profitability

The integration of information, design, and technology.

iDimension is a leading regional e-manufacturing solutions provider specializing in eFactory/eManufacturing software applications for semiconductor, electronics components, household appliances, EMS, chemical, food & beverages, mills, and other industries.

Our advantage is our ability to provide a complete one-stop e-manufacturing solutions. Since we have expert knowledge in all the key manufacturing applications, we are able to achieve seamless integration and operation of the entire system.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Manufacturing Execution System

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems

Equipment Integration/Automation

Plantation HQ ERP

Estate Operations

In-field Execution System

Personalized Solutions